EVA, PE, RUBBER, SBR, NBR, CR, EPDM, etc... Splitting.


* Loop splitting operatioN

*Splitting and collecting in one. Not like traditional production lines that need several small machines to work together.
*Automatically adjusting of thickness every splitting is controlled by PLC. Only leave 3 mm on the conveyor. Save more labor than traditional Loop splitting. (transfer and collect roller time)
*Block is automatically balanced and re-located by PLC, don't need people to fixate the material while the block is lost balance.
*Only need one person for operation, save labor. (Traditional production lines need 3~4 people)

* Friendly PLC inter-face, computer touch screen. Easy to operate.
* Thickness controlled and re-located by PLC.
* The position of blade controlled and re-located by PLC.
* Raw material sheet is aligned and re-located by PLC.
* Multiple functions:

   1. Single Sheet Splitting.

   2. Loop Splitting.

* Automatic sliced piece counting function.
* Automatic sliced length counting function.
* Dusty collector for blade sharpener.

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Max. Block Width 1300 / 1600 mm
Knife width 60 mm
Knife Thickness 1 mm
Knife Length 8380 / 9000 mm
PLC Mitsubishi FX-3U
Touch Panel ProFace GP-4502W
Driving Inverter TECO
Driving Motors TECO
Cutting Structure Foam Casting Steel  
Foam FWD Speed Up to 50  m/min
Foam BWD Speed Up to 70 m/min
Final Layer 3 mm +-0.5mm
Splitting Hardness 3~60 degree
(Shore C)
Min. Splitting Layer 0.2 mm
Splitting Tolerance +/-0.05 or 1% mm
Knife Beam 12 degree
Knife speed 5.5 m/sec
@ 50Hz
Knife driving motor 7.5HP 4P  
Knife driven wheel Cast Iron Ductile iron
Knife wheel diameter 600 mm
Thickness Setting Accurance 0.01 mm
Counting Function YES  
Grinding Dust Exhausting Device YES  
Grinding dust vacuum motor 1.5HP 2P  
Knife sharpening motor 1HP 4P x 2pcs  
Thickness Auto Adjusting YES PLC Controlled
Cutting head Up/Down 2HP Fukuta
Head Up/Down reducer TDVM2 Sumitomo
Knife Edge Position YES PLC Controlled
Knife position motor 1/8 HP Li-Ming
Press Roller YES  
Press Roller Height Pos YES  
Foam Pass above Knife 50 mm
Feeding roller motor 1 HP Fukuta
Feeding roller motor reducer TVM Transycko
Recipe Management Yes  
  • Splitting and collecting in one. Not like traditional production lines that need several small machines to work together.
  • Automatically adjust of thickness while every loop completed is controlled by PLC. Only leaves 3mm on the table. Will save more labor than traditional loop splitting machine(feeding and changing roller's time).
  • Material Working Concept: 



Part No. Name Picture
689E10 Blade Table Pusher Set(For 1.6M)




689F110 Diamond dresser Set For Grinding Wheel
689E30 Blade locator Pusher(Set)