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Length of Max Hanging



Sheet Width


Hanging Bar


Capacity Length




Max Speed

FT-998A 1500 600 200mm/26PCS 80 15*2.1*3.5


a)       Dipping Tank

  1. Dipping tank is designed to dip rubber sheet before into cooling box.
  2. With surrounding cooling water pipes design, the dipping tank can keep stable working temperature.

b)       Rubber Sheet Lifting Conveyer

  1. Lifting conveyer consists of heatproof belt and rollers. The main function is to clamp rubber sheet and transfer into the cooling box.

c)       Rubber Sheet Cooling Box

  1. The Rubber Sheet Cooling Box consists of stainless hanging bar, driving motor (or air cylinder), and guiding rails. The main function for this box is to transfer the rubber sheet circling to well cooling. The pitch between hanging bars could be designed according to the request.

d)       Cooling Fans

  1. It consists of 6 heavy duty electric fan to generate cooling fan into the cooling box.

※ The special request of electric fan capacity can be accepted.  

e)       Take Away Conveyer

  1. Take Away conveyer consists of transferring belt and rollers. The main function is to grab the cool rubber sheet from cooling box and transfer it to collection device.
  2. Optional swing set or cutting set design.
  3. Optional automatically grabbing device design to achieve saving human power purpose.