Digital control and set of cutting length and width of rubber,EVA,etc...sponge foam.(Also suitable for automatic cutting the edge,front and rear portion of material).

1.The raw material is aligned the two side with the infrared ray before it is getting into the edge cutting machine,this will reduce the raw material.
2.The thickness of the raw material is set up with numeric for synchronous automatic adjustment.This will be able to avoid the sliding running disadvantage due to the manual material feeding which may cause uneven thickness at two sides.
3.The edge cutting size on the raw material is automaiclly adjusted by numeric set-up for the width of the blade to reduce the risk for manual adjustment of the machine.
4.After the edge cutting it will rapidly cut the material head evenly,is no additional unit of machine required.
5.Upon the edge cutting is done,the material tail be cut evenly by numeric adjustment to control length,there is no additional unit of machine required.


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Model Working width 

Power (HP)

Working thickness Productivity / hour  Mechanical size Mechanical weight
CT-532 2.2M 4 10-90MM 50 pic (1.5 * 2M) L440*W210*H200cm 2000kgs