MC-96 Serial


COOL down the material to room temperature about 30 ℃
(After mixing rollers material temperature is about 120 ℃)

1.Special engineered auto-feed feature. It will guide the material to cooling wheels automatically. The whole process from cooling to slicing is fully automated. No human interaction involved hence greatly reducing the risk of hazard.
2. The surfaces of the cooling wheels are made of stainless steel. The material will be encountered with cooling wheels to provide twice the cooling effect.
3. This machine applies cold cutting method:
a. No electric heater is used on the machine. The old poor cutting problem caused by the insufficient electric heating temperature and the bad electricity conduct defect caused by the dust attached to the electric heating structure shall never happen again. No deterioration of head point and the rear end of the working piece shall be affected by the electric heater temperature.
b. Solve the problem of old electric heating cutters such as waste material, labor and time. while heating cutter cuts on the material might cause burn marks on the front and rear portions. Due to the problem, the user needs to cut-off the burn mark manual.
4. The cutting length setting is done by the counter. High precision.Able to save the error material for each cutting.
5. It does not need an old type cotton conveying belt which may avoid the fall off of the threads after the conveying belt is used for a long time and to stick on the material to cause bubbled during forming further to upgrade the quality.
6. Every cooling wheel is equipped with a cleaning brush. It can provide continuous cleaning during operation.No contamination will be introduced to the processed material.

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Model Cooling Roller Width Cutter Working Width(mm)

Power (HP)

Production Capacity (M/MIN) Max. Material Thickness (mm) No. Of Cooling Roller


MC-963 38"(Can be the custom size) 850(The working width will follow Cooling Roller) 6 25(Stander, Can be custom order) 1-10 3

EVA, PE, PVC, RUBBER and similar material

MC-965 8.5 5
MC-967 12 7
MC-969 18 9
MC-9611 18.5 11

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